Foot Prints Curriculum
For Your Children

We aim to provide a high quality service which endorses good practice and current government legislation by acknowledging and implementing the curriculum guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Early Years
Foundation Stage

Children are offered a play based curriculum specifically tailored to the needs of each child.

This is based on the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ which is a national requirement to ensure that the learning, development and welfare needs of all young children in care settings is met.

Foundation Stage

  1. Sets the standards for learning and development ensuring that all children make progress.
  2. Provides for equality of opportunity so that all children are included irrespective of ethnicity, culture, religion, family background, learning disability, gender or ability.
  3. Creates the framework for partnership between parents, professionals and all the settings that the child attends.
  4. Improves quality and consistency by using a set of universal standards and providing inspection and regulation of all settings.
  5. Laying a secure future for future learning and development of young children based on individual needs and interests of the child and informed by observation and assessment

Physical Activities

Planning for the children’s activities is based on developing your child’s learning. It includes outdoor play which extends their physical development.

There are also opportunities for the children to make choices for themselves and to experience spontaneous, unplanned activities such as when it snows.

Providing Feedback

Our staff use ongoing observations to monitor how your child is developing and learning. They use these to plan their play and learning.

Each child will have their own ‘Learning Journey’ you can see your child’s ‘Learning Journey’ throughout their time at nursery but remember that each child is unique and children do things at different ages and different stages.

Voice of The Child

We have constructed a curriculum, based on what we can offer our children using the EYFS and experiences. Our curriculum is devised by parents, children and staff.

Although we have a range of experiences to explore throughout the year, we also work individually with each child; investigating all there interests. We call this ‘The Voice of the Child’

Curricilum Calendar
For 2019-2020

Marvellous Me & Autumn

Caribbean Day & Thanksgiving

The Circus

Diwali – Hindu Festival of Light

Remembrance Day

Mad Science Week

Road and Car Safety Week

Think of a Story


Looking After Our Planet – Recycling

Chinese New Year: Year of The Rat

Around The World

Pancake Tuesday

Fairy Tales

Holi – Indian Festival of Colour

St Patricks Day

Nowruz – Iranian New Year

Mother’s Day

At The Farm: Foods and Life-Cycles

St George’s Day

Italian Day – Liberation Day

Sports Week

Turkish Day

People Who Help Us

Portugal Day – National Day

Royal Family Day

Father’s Day

Under The Sea

Pakistan Day – Commemorates the Formation of Pakistan

Summer Shut Down

Our Mission
At Foot Prints

We create a safe, fun, vibrant environment for children to excel in all areas of development and achieve the best they can with the right teachings.

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Fees, Pricing, and Access

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