A Second Home

This isn’t just a nursery, It’s like a second home.

Our children aren’t just cared for, We love them like our own.

They learn life lessons every day. Strong values we enforce.

We make the learning fun with play, Our spirit sets their course.

They love the way we read to them, And sing those silly songs.

In this special place that we create. They feel that they belong.

So thankyou from deep within our hearts, For words can not express

The gratitude that we have for you, Take care and God bless.

Well, the small world trays are empty, and we have no play dough made. We have no messy activities set up. The rooms look so big. The nursery feels so empty. No giggles, cheers or laughter. What an odd few weeks we have ahead of us. Please, take care of your families and we can’t wait for you all to come through our front door (what a celebration day that will be 🥳)

Sending lots of love to you all.

Take care 🥰